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Publicatie datum: 25-9-2012

Voting Open - Community Elections 2013


Vote now for community elected "At Large" Directors of the Drupal Association!

In 2011 the Drupal Association was restructured and a new board was appointed. Most of the board are selected by a nominating committee who aim to ensure people on the board bring a range of skills and experience to the table. However, to make sure the community is always well represented there are also two directors chosen directly by the Drupal community "At Large". These community elections are held to fill those two positions.

Voting is Open!

Voting is open until 23:59 UTC 7 Oct 2012 at https://association.drupal.org/vote2013

Who can vote?

You are eligible to vote if you have an account on drupal.org, logged in during the past 12 months, and created your account before 31 August 2012 when the election was announced.

How to vote?

Meet the candidates

Floh Klare (SirFiChi)
I'm a Sitebuilder. I use Drupal for personal projects. I'm active in the german community and a leader of the German Drupal-Initiative e.V. I can use Drupal for free and want to give something back. I want others to know, that they can do the same.

Todd Tomlinson (toddtomlinson)
36 years in the IT industry, global experience, prior board positions, non-profits, professor/teacher, live/eat/sleep Drupal.

J. Matthew Saunders (MatthewS)
I bring 17 years from the technology world, 13 years in Opensource, 6 years of highly active participation in the Drupal community, 8 years of nonprofit management in a US based Technology focused nonprofit, two VP board positions in nonprofits including policy development, and two university qualifications - one a Masters - focused on organizational management for nonprofits. I'm passionate about Drupal and adore the Drupal Community.

Chris Ward (chrischinchilla)
I got into Drupal several years ago, initially as a developer but more recently as a project manager, evangelist and community builder. I'd be keen on driving several initiatives: Cleaner, more efficient and user friendly documentation. Creating better case studies for Drupal, the whys and the business benefits of using it. Better community building across the wider tech community, i.e. encouraging Drupal experts to talk at relevant more general conferences and events aside from just Drupal related events.

Valery Lourie (valthebald)
Teaching and course-organizing experience, as well as connection to non-English speaking developer communities in Israel and former Soviet Union (Russian is my mother tongue). I think both communities are "under-penetrated" by Drupal today.

Aimee Maree Forsstrom (amaree)
A Community perspective from a non rock-star roots level and experience managing Open Source Conferences and Meet-ups, Passion :D

 Narayan Newton (nnewton)
I got into Drupal while I was a student systems administrator at The Oregon State Open Source Lab, the hosting providers for Drupal.org. I hope to represent the Infrastructure Team. A major responsibility of the DA Board is infrastructure and currently there is no voice on the board for that largely volunteer team. I also hope to provide some sensible review of future technical projects funded and managed by the board.

David Stoline (dstol)
I want to be part of the DA Board because I want to help shape the future and growth of the community. Having worked with the DA in the past, through my organizational experience with CapitalCamp, I bring a different perspective that will help the overall governance of the DA.

Joseph Bachana (joebachana)
I have been working in technology consulting for my entire adult life. Over the years, I learned not only about how to implement Drupal successfully, but what it means to be committed to an open source project. I want to help and use both my expertise and creative thinking as well as what resources I can apply to help the Drupal project be even more successful in the coming years.

Pedro Cambra (pcambra)
I'm a Spanish Drupal Developer very involved with the community since 2008, I've helped to organize 6 different events in Spain since then, including the this year's Drupal Developer Days in Barcelona, my motivations are to represent the Spanish speaking community in the board and help to grow stronger binds between the Drupal Association and the local groups all around the globe, no matter what their current size is. My main objective: having a Drupalcon in South America sooner than later.
- Session 1
- Session 2
- Session 3
- Session 4

Jeremy Thorson (jthorson)
I'm an active Drupal hobbyist, and the guy who keeps the testbots running. What I bring to the board is i) passion, drive, and demonstrated initiative, ii) a balanced approach to conflicts and challenges, iii) relevant background and non-profit board experience, and iv) a wide breadth of perspectives, representing multiple roles in the community. See my blog post for specific details!
- Session 3
- Session 4

Simon Hobbs (sime)
I'm Simon Hobbs (sime). I'm a Drupal consultant and trainer from Melbourne, Australia. I am a former business owner of a Drupal services company and have been active in the Australian Drupal community. I believe in a stable, conservative Drupal Association with a realistic scope. My personal focus would be on training, how to continue and strengthen the DA's global training initiative.

Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen (mortendk)
I run a small Drupal design & theme shop in Denmark: geek Röyale. We as a board need to shift focus back to the community, reevaluate how the organization operates, clearly define why the organization exists, and for whom it exists, and do better as leaders to support and grow Drupal worldwide.

Steven De Costa (starl3n)
I'll bring a strategic marketing framework to the Board - but don't confuse this with posters and tweets :) I want to help the DA define its position within a broader economic view of the IT services industry and leverage the flow of value to benefit the Drupal project. 1st up: I'll aim to bring new funds via Govt memberships and a grants funding initiative.
- Session 1
- Session 4

Bert Boerland (bertboerland)
Bert has been active as a user, handbook writer, tester and evangelist since the Drupal's early days op on drop.org and has a long standing track record in the Drupal community. He donated the Drupal.org domain to the community. This is ambitious, adding transparency, communicating the value of the DA when it comes to drupal.org, facilitating the diversity of local camps and making sure the DA is for everybody worldwide. I know however that I can help the DA here and am dedicated to do so.

Jeffrey A. 'jam' McGuire (horncologne)
If you're contributing to Drupal, we're on the same side - however and wherever it is that you contribute. I would bring multilingual-, multicultural-, non-US-centric perspective; experience from international community - and business worlds; as well as communication - and marketing skills to the board.
- Nomination statement
- Session 1 answers
- Session 2 answers
- Session 3 answers

Forest Mars (forestmars)
New York based hypermedia architect working with Drupal for over 5 years in business, media, and the non-profit sector. I'd like to see contact fine-tuned between the board and the community-at-large, a task that requires not only impeccable communication, but also a nuanced understanding of the complex mix of divergent goals and even tensions which make up the project and surrounding community. Such an understanding naturally gives rise to the desire to contribute exactly what's needed to bring our stated goals to fruition, reflected in attendance - if not yet participation - at our newly open and, incredibly exciting, DA board meetings.

Voting is Open!

Voting is open until 23:59UTC 7 Oct 2012 at https://association.drupal.org/vote2013